Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Yummy, Scrummy Cake Making

I found myself very bored a few days ago so thought I would use up the manky bananas in the fruit bowl to make banana and chocolate muffins.

They're very easy to make and absolute perfection.

I put chocolate chips on the inside along with banana and then made a chocolate and butter icing (which I purposefully made too much of) to dollop on top and to hold on my flakes, then finally dusted off with icing sugar.

They were all gone by the next day, I only had two I swear..
And no one could work out who had the last one.

I was obviously feeling very much like baking that day and helped my brother make these in-a-box spider cup cakes that were left over from halloween, they didn't go as fast as the muffins but still did get munched up rather quickly.

                    Are your mouths watering yet?

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