Tuesday, 12 February 2013

(Very quick) OOTD

So today I am off to the beach (it's winter here) for a brisk walk with Jon and my puppy, I am aware we may sound like crazy people but it is so refreshing! However I am staying reasonably sensible and making sure I wrap up warm today.

Topshop Top 
I absolutely adore this top, it's dainty and delicate and I am trying to stop myself from excessively wearing it in case of discolouring.
Around the neckline and across the shoulder is embellished with small flowers and beads and it is scrummy!

Topshop Leigh Jeans
I have always been very wary of wearing jeans and for the past four or five years I just haven't worn them, I never liked the look of them on me and just grew to hate them, but I recently received  these 'Leigh' Jeans by Topshop and actually love them! they aren't your usual jean material and actually feel quite a bit softer than regular jeans but I am definitely giving these a thumbs up right now and they will be keeping me very warm today.

My trusty (but very dirty) H&M boots
These bad boys have got me through this winter without my feet freezing to death, I have worn them in the horrendous British rain and our unexpected snow they are indestructible and I can wear them with pretty much anything, they have metal detailing either side and a small rubber heel. Unfortunately I thought it would be a good idea to wear them on a dog walk, not thinking even the slightest about the rain we have had and how muddy the fields will be, resulting in a very caked pair of bootys.

George (Asda) Coat
I know it isnt  where everyone would want a coat from, but hey I'm a student..
I had actually never bought clothes from a supermarket before, not really for any reason, it just hadn't crossed my mind and I stumbled across this buy. It was only £5! and wait for it.. in the little boys section..it is aged 12-13yrs but I am quite petite so it actually fits me perfectly unlike many coats (because of my height) I have worn it for a lot of the winter and it has been ideal really I do really love khaki jackets like this and SO WHAT if it was only £5 from a supermarket.. who's judging here?

John Lewis Earmuffs
These were also a gift and are amazing, not only do my ears stay nice and toastie but I can also plug my iphone in if I like and listen to my music through them. I highly recommend these, especially those who like walking or travel a lot by foot.
The outer side is knitted and the inner (for my ears) is faux fur.

Scarf and Socks
Both hand-made by my wonderful Mother.

Time to embrace the cold outdoors, wish me luck! x

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  1. Great outfit - love the boots and socks :)