Monday, 11 February 2013

Blog Stress!

So this is it! The beginning of what I have been meaning to do for so long. I have seem countless amazing blogs and bloggers and always aspired to be doing what they are doing..So here we go..I thought.. However it is a lot harder than it seems, I have been trying to figure this blogging-malarkey out but just cannot get the hang of it yet. 
I have been getting myself excited when I get ten more page views but then to realise that it is just me pressing 'view blog' to try and figure this out is gutting BUT I WILL GET THERE.. she says, However right now I just feel like curling up in bed and watching a film but as they say 'Dreams don't work unless you do'
so c'mon Jasmine, you can do it. x
(Now to copy this paragraph, juuuust in case I mess up and the post doesn't go to plan..)

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