Monday, 17 June 2013


I am free, I finally have time for my own things and of course back to blogging! I have completely finished all of my work and therefore, no more college! 
Three years in that place and I no longer have to go! I am sad as well as really happy and all I have to do now is wait on my results. 
I can't wait to get back into blogging, I am really gonna hit it hard as it is something I feel really passionate about. So look forward to many more future posts!
It's good to be back

Sunday, 24 March 2013

More shopping and car saving

This should have gone up a very long time ago, not sure what went wrong here.

I took another cheeky visit to Boots a couple days ago as I was in town buying Mother's Day present. 
There were a few things I was in need of, for example pressed powder, which I managed to get. I have always used the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in Transparent and am kind of afraid of branching out now, I know it works and I know I like it and that it is not expensive so like to stick to it.
I also picked up Maybeline's new Rocket Volume mascara in Black, I had heard some good things about this mascara but honestly after a few days of using it, I am not that excited over it, the brush is also plastic which I wasn't aware of and I usually don't find I like brushes like this.
Finally I had been looking for a flat top foundation brush in Boots for awhile but hadn't seen one, I'm not sure if I completely missed it each time but I found the real Techniques stippling brush (pixiwoo on youtube) , I do not know how I lived without this brush, it is perfect, it gives an even coverage of my foundation and a flawless base as well as there being no fall out. I love that Sam and Nic use the brushes on their channel and their are some great tutorials online.

I am not the best person at saving money, I spend it as soon as I get it and just cannot get it into my head that I need to save for some things. I really can't remember how I managed to pay for Ibiza but somehow did it!
So I am in love.. but this is not a normal love between two people, oh no, this is my absolutely crazy-makes-me-want-to-pop love for.. a car.
It is the cutest thing I have ever seen and I am absolutely desperate for it.
It isn't the cheapest of things I have ever wanted to buy but that's not going to stop me. It pains me to say it but I'm going to have to make some cuts and become very harsh on myself with spending.
I need to become a master of saving so this will mean a lot less clothes and beauty buying, not completely don't be crazy, just some cut backs. Of course I will still make posts but won't always be splurging out for awhile.

Anyway hope your weekend went well :)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Hi guys, I am ever so sorry with how dreadful I have been with getting blog posts up recently.
I have a deadline coming up this Friday and then will be on to my final major straight away so posts will be very sparse for the meantime I am afraid, however I will try my best to keep on top of both blogging and work so I am able to put the occasional post up.
It will all be over in May and I will be able to relax and focus much more on improving my blog.

Hope you are all well.

(I do have a new signature for myself though!)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Yummy, Scrummy Cake Making

I found myself very bored a few days ago so thought I would use up the manky bananas in the fruit bowl to make banana and chocolate muffins.

They're very easy to make and absolute perfection.

I put chocolate chips on the inside along with banana and then made a chocolate and butter icing (which I purposefully made too much of) to dollop on top and to hold on my flakes, then finally dusted off with icing sugar.

They were all gone by the next day, I only had two I swear..
And no one could work out who had the last one.

I was obviously feeling very much like baking that day and helped my brother make these in-a-box spider cup cakes that were left over from halloween, they didn't go as fast as the muffins but still did get munched up rather quickly.

                    Are your mouths watering yet?

Boots Haul

A few days ago I took a trip into town as there were some bits and bobs that I needed, turns out I ended up spending most of my time roaming around Boots, I got myself a few things but also picked up my boyfriend some things he needed as well (which I will include)
It was one of those shopping trips I was pretty satisfied with.

There were quite a few offers on some of the bits I wanted so was really happy with that although I think I made a mistake with one as it didn't come off as an offer, but oh well, I got what I needed.

What I got for myself:
The razors aren't the most interesting purchase, however they were supposed to be part of a deal and they were needed (winters over now guys! Gotta think about getting those legs out!) I also did managed to get myself some of the Boots tea tree and witch hazel cleansing and toning lotion that I had previously talked about yaaaay, I bought some of the larger oval cosmetic wipes to go with this, they were exactly the same price as the smaller sized ones funnily enough so it made sense to buy the bigger of the two.
As well as this I also got myself another Balmi, my sister has the strawberry one so I had smelt its deliciousness so thought I should get myself one, I still prefer my raspberry one and that will be staying on my door keys. I figured I'd save this new Balmi for my new car keys.
I have also heard a lot about Barry M's Gelly Hi Shine Nail Polish, so thought I needed to try it; I found it really great, the colour looks exactly the same as it does in the bottle and  they have barely chipped over the days I have been wearing it.
There was a small but great selection of colours, including some really summering shades, then I also saw the almost oxblood/burgundy coloured polish, which I fell for and picked up.

The bits for jon are muuuuch less interesting but I am sure I will be using some so thought I would include them.
Firstly I picked up some bubble bath as he does like to get in touch with his feminine side every now and then plus I tend to have a lot of baths at his so will be using this shh.. I spent a long time choosing between scents I liked and scents Jon would like whilst still feeling masculine, I bought this one which is a really delicious scent and is pretty much unisex.
Then there was an offer on Original Source shower gel which is to die for, (I'm really into the raspberry and vanilla milk at the moment) and Jon had heard about but couldn't seem to find the Chocolate and Mint scented one which is also scrummy, I bought him a couple of those and a shower gel which is new from Radox called Cherry Blast which is also really good and Jon loves all things cherry flavoured.
Boring, Boring but there was also an offer on Linx, I picked up these three for him as they were the ones I had either smelt on him before so had grown attached to or just thought smelt good. I did also try the new Linx Apollo but thought it actually smelt really crappy so didn't get any of that.
Face Wipes because it's good to keep your face clean even if you are male.
Finally.. Oh my goodness, one of the greatest things I have ever bought.. Jon and I had been going on for ages about how we needed to get a shower brush as we both also love having our backs scratched  I found this pretty cheap and it is so satisfying, and really handy at the same time. Such a great buy!

So I did really quite well, Jon seem please and I certainly was as well.

Let me know if any of you have used any of these products and what you think of them.

Friday, 1 March 2013

OOTN & Cinema Trip

Last night Jon and I went to see 'Warm Bodies' with Nicholas Hoult (Tony from skins season 1).
Massive disappointment if I am honest, the concept was okay, it just wasn't the greatest film I have seen this year.

Faux Leather Jacket - Topshop | Scarf - Handmade | Jumper - Topshop | Ring - Republic

Here is the outfit I wore that evening.
If any of you have seen the film, let me know what you guys thought of it.

Things I have ordered!

Don't you love it when you get things through the post? (that aren't bills of course) Well a few days ago I ordered some items offline and to my surprise just two days later they arrived!

I desperately needed a new purse as I had destroyed my old one and couldn't find any that I really liked, until I found this one. I usually go for pink/red purses so this one is great for a little change, as well as being really cute!
I also found this 'Blog inc' book online at Urban Outfitters I thought it would be an interesting read and really help me learn a little more about blogging, besides it was really cheap, so thought WHY NOT and bought it.
Finally I bought a set of hairdressing scissors and thinning or crocodile scissors; I am in no way trained to cut hair but I am really fed up with being unsatisfied after a trip to the hairdressers so decided to go crazy and just begin experimenting on my hair, there's all sorts of tutorials online and if I make any mistakes it will just grow back, right?
Don't worry though, I wont be cutting myself a new fringe or anything too drastic yet ;)

Hope you're all having a wonderful day.